Reoccurring clients?

In industries there are revenue models which are a key component of the business model and identifies how the company will earn income and make profits. There are products that fall under this category such as razors. The unique thing about razors is that the shaft can last a lifetime but the razor heads last a couple weeks at most. This is how the company makes money routinely because there is always a need for a new razor head. For the landscaping industry specifically, is it very similar. For example, people need their lawn cut at least twice a month and every spring homes purchase mulch to be spread. These are all reoccurring clients that weather it is every year or even twice a month are sending you money. the costs depending on the amount of yards of mulch and how big the lawn is prices can range from as low as $700 to a couple thousand dollars because mulch is expensive but worth it because it is a annul cost once a year. (Lawn care prices) All of that money routeing accumulates and that is how profits are made. The picture below shows how incredible the combination of a fresh cut lawn and freshly spread mulch looks. Doesn’t everyone want their yards to look this perfect?Image result for cutting lawn and mulch


Since this is potentially the final post for awhile I am going to sum up all the posts thus far and outline how they are all intertwined and will lead to ultimate success for startups like mine. The first post for my business was just a brief explanation to grab all of your attention and explain my goals and overview everything. Following that post, Success tot the fullest extent, I talked about how to take what seems to be a simple business that success will come with hard work and showed how the business has many factors that lead to success. The end goal was the get out there and hit the ground running! The post after was about innovation and how to think of new ideas that will help the business move along and obtain a profit quicker. Expanding was key for that post. Finally before this post was solely based on marketing the business. I focused on how to do that and where and when do go. Also that post was about how to make the business more efficient. I would like to thank everyone who has read this thus far.

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