Success to the Fullest Extent

What comes to mind when you initially think of how to make a company strive to its highest potential? Well, one thing that pops up in my head is testing and experimenting new ideas to make more profits and improve sales as well and working harder but smarter. Experimenting is a vital step to moving up in your business. You cannot be content with being at par, striving for excellent is what separates the good from the greats. There are six key steps to conducting the scientific method. They are, asking a lot of questions, carrying out backyard research, developing a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis by running experiments, analyzing the date received from said experiments and assessing the results.

One way to work towards this goal is to simply just fill out a flyer asking your customers to say what the company could do better. That section is asking a lot of questions and receiving vital feed back. To move forward, brainstorming ideas and creating a hypothesis to improve sales and benefit the company. One idea is going off an idea from a future post, at a local flea market or farm stand just asking what people would like and if they would be interested if the idea became reality. That example would be the testing of the hypothesis section. After that is performed, taking a step back and analyzing all the the different feed backs and choosing an idea to stick behind in the future. The final result for my company would be to offer better deals for customers that are in a contract for over a year. This would allow you to make the customer pay more but reasonable in the beginning but they get a break after they are guaranteed to be a loyal customer. Also adding random sale events that will keep the customers engaged and active.

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